Pony Knitting Gauge


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    Pony Knitting Gauge


    Ramsden Haberdashery is pleased to introduce these Pony Knitting Gauge

    This plastic standard-size knitting gauge enables you to tell the size of your needles by simply inserting them into the holes.

    Includes a ruler in both centimeters and inches to help with sample measuring.

    The Pony Classic knitting range is a comprehensive range, designed to meet the needs of every knitting enthusiast.

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    Hemline Aluminium Seam Gauge


    Ramsden Haberdashery  is pleased to introduce these Hemline Aluminium Seam Gauges

    Made from durable lightweight aluminium; these gauges will not bend or chip.

    Clear and easy to read markings, great for measuring pleats and trucks.

    A staple for every sewing box

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